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What are the benefits of volunteering? We are all a part of this wonderful, living world. Volunteering for nature is a way to reciprocate and express gratitude to the natural world and all that it offers to us. There are several more advantages of volunteering for with FCD.


Spending time outside in nature can also help improve your mental and physical health.


Volunteers learn about the protected areas and the conservation efforts in the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains.


Volunteers have the opportunity for personal growth while connecting with others in their community who want to make a difference.


Volunteers can earn community service hours while bonding with friends and family in nature via shared experiences.


Some of our volunteer activities take place in areas not open to the general public, giving our valued volunteers access to otherwise closed preserves and natural areas.


Volunteers provide critical skills and expertise on our programs that improve the whole community.

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Are you passionate about conservation and environmental management? Do you want to make a difference in the world and protect Belize’s precious ecosystems? Volunteering with the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) is your opportunity to be part of a team actively preserving some of the country’s most ecologically diverse and important areas. Join us and help safeguard the Chiquibul National Park, Vaca Forest Reserve, and other critical habitats in Belize where FCD works.

Join as a volunteer with FCD’s Citizen Science Program.

Volunteers Needed: 2023 Biomonitoring of Scarlet Macaws

Where We Work

Facts About Where We Work!

From the Chiquibul National Park to the Vaca Forest Reserve, FCD is dedicated to protecting these unique and valuable ecosystems. In this section, we will share some interesting and informative facts about the areas where we work.


The Chiquibul Forest is comprised of three protected areas, namely the Chiquibul National Park, the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve.


The Chiquibul National Park is the largest terrestrial protected area in Belize with 285,937 acres.


The Chiquibul National Park harbors the largest cave system in Central America known as the Chiquibul Cave System.


The Chiquibul National Park and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve contains the headwaters for the Belize River Watershed which provides water resources to over 40% of Belize’s population.