Our Accountability

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Our Accountability

In an ever more complex and competitive field, it is relevant that FCD can maintain a high standard of due diligence on all the various components of its daily work. As one of Belize’s major grassroot conservation non-governmental organizations, we hold ourselves accountable to our members, the public, and the funding institutions that makes possible the FCD mission. FCD remains committed to the protection of the natural and cultural resources and is conscious of being accountable in maintaining those standards through its employees and representatives.


FCD's Robust Financial Management Practices

FCD employs qualified staff and rigorous financial management practices to ensure that its funds are used efficiently and effectively. Through careful budgeting and regular financial reviews FCD ensures that it remains financially accountable to its donors,partners and members.


FCD as a Registered Company in Belize

As a registered company in Belize, FCD must comply with the country's laws and regulations, including those related to financial reporting and transparency. This ensures that FCD remains accountable to the public, members and supporters


Being Accountable to its Members, Public, and Partners

FCD's accountability starts with being transparent and responsible towards its members, public and partners. Through various means such as annual reports, quarterly newsletters, website updates and stakeholder workshops, FCD ensures that stakeholders are well-informed about project outcomes, initiatives and financial matters.


Careful Planning and Budgeting

FCD develops strategic plans and operating procedures to guide the technical work and allocate resources effectively. By setting clear objectives and outlining the steps needed to achieve them, FCD ensures that donations are used efficiently and purposefully.


Financial Reporting Requirements

FCD adheres to strict financial reporting requirements as a registered company in Belize. This means that FCD must maintain accurate financial records, submit audited financial statements to the Government and donors, and ensure that the funds are used appropriately and effectively for the intended purpose and goals.


Annual Reports

FCD publishes annual technical reports highlighting the achievements, challenges, and support institutions. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of FCD's activities and the impact they have on conservation efforts in the targeted areas.


Monitoring and Evaluation

FCD regularly evaluates the success of their projects and initiatives to ensure they are achieving their intended outcomes. Monthly planners and manager sessions help provide a framework for formal reviews. By tracking progress and learning from past experiences, FCD continuously refines and improves its approach to conservation in Belize.


Partnerships with Local and International Organizations

FCD collaborates with a wide range of local and international organizations to achieve its mission. These partnerships allow FCD to access additional resources, expertise, and support, thereby increasing its impact on conservation efforts in Belize.

About us

Our Accountability

FCD’s accountability is rooted in our commitment to transparency, responsibility, and effective use of resources. By being accountable to its members, public, and partners, following regulations for NGO agencies in Belize, and fostering community involvement and empowerment, FCD is able to make a significant impact on conservation efforts in the country. With ongoing support from donors and partners, FCD will continue to protect the Chiquibul-Maya Mountain ecosystems and species, that provide multiple environmental goods and services to the human populations.

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