What We Do

Community Outreach

Environmental Education has been one of FCD’s central pillars since 1989 and it continues to be an important program. Immediately after taking co-management responsibilities in 2007, FCD centered its public awareness among 22 communities located in the Maya Mountains buffer areas, across the Cayo, Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. A year later it focused its program on the water resources of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains. The Blue Gold program, focusing on river conservation thereafter evolved into the creation of a bi-national alliance that now comprises 19 communities aimed at protecting the shared water resources between Belize and Guatemala to include the Chiquibul, Mopan, Macal and the Belize Rivers.


FCD's Educator

Annually FCD’s Educator works closely with 19 communities in areas of community outreach, reforestation, and clean-up campaigns aimed at protecting the water resources. Efforts are also conducted annually to provide the necessary information to 5 rural communities on methods to prevent forest fires. In addition, FCDs educator promotes the beauty of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains and the multiple goods and services derived from it in order to rally community support for its protection.


FCD's Outreach Campaigns

FCD's outreach campaigns are aimed to actively engage residents to become involved in community conservation activities.


River Conservation

FCD's outreach campaigns contain a strong component with the aim of strengthening confidence building among the communities along the Western Maya Mountains, using rivers as the emotive key.


Binational Efforts

FCD's outreach campaigns have also set the stage for a consolidated effort to protect a shared resource with Guatemalan similar minded institutions. FCD works closely with environmental educators in Guatemala in developing action plans, targeted messages, production of materials and community outreach.


Partner Guatemalan Organizations

FCD has facilitated and created two Guatemalan grassroot organizations in order to establish partnerships and conservation efforts to protect the shared resources, primarily the water resources. Both ASIPROM and Todos Por Un Mundo Verde conduct a diverse number of conservation activities annually to protect the Mopan River.

What We Do

FCD’s Community Outreach Program

FCD’s public outreach program has been ongoing for more than 30 years and continues to be a primary pillar within the organization. FCD’s outreach campaigns continue to raise awareness and knowledge on the importance of protecting the water resource, the forest and the wildlife of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains. As a result, individuals develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and have the knowledge to make informed and responsible decisions.

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