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  • In the midst of the rolling hills, Belize’s mountainous region, bi-national river system, and rich cultural heritage is found FCD actively engaged to conserve some of Belize’s most impressive wonders.  Co-managing the largest protected area in Belize, namely the Chiquibul National Park and the largest cave system in Central America, the Chiquibul Cave System, is a major responsibility for all of us that comprise FCD. It is also a privilege for us to operate in the Chiquibul Forest which forms part of the largest contiguous block of tropical forest north of the Amazon. But we cannot conserve and protect this key biodiversity area alone. This website opens you a way that you can participate. Join the FCD tracks!

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    • WHO IS FCD

      Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the Cayo District.


      The entire staff of FCD are from communities located nearby our target zone, namely the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains


      Newsletters, educational materials, research booklets, didactic manuals and promotional materials


      FCD is located in the Maya community of San Jose Succotz, Cayo District.

  • Our Programs

    • Environmental Education

      Environmental Education is one of FCD’s early pillars and it continues to be an important program.

    • Enforcement and Patrols

      In order to have a presence throughout the over 423,000 acre Chiquibul landscape

    • Research

      FCD’s research program is multi-purpose, namely to generate data for management purposes

    • Extension Services

      The Vaca Forest Reserve borders the northern flank of the Chiquibul National Park

    • Bi-National Relations

      The challenges in protecting the Chiquibul ecosystem is derived from a set of 11 threats

  • Everyone can make a difference

    and you can become a person directly connected to this amazing place
  • Transparency

  • FCD is honoured to work with more than a 100 partner institutions from Belize and abroad. From the private sector to community based organizations, they make our conservation work effective and result oriented. Good standing, responsibility and due diligence is central to our work and we stand firm on these values.  Integrity and being principled is reminded of us on our 2016-2020 strategic plan.  

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    • Friends for Conservation and Development
      Chi-Hah Street
      San Jose Succotz
      Cayo District

      Telephone: 00-501-823-2657
      E-mail: fcd@btl.net or fcdtelethon@gmail.com