For FCD, Forecastle Foundation (FF) is synonymous to karst management. FF is based in Kentucky, home to Mammoth Caves. FF have been financing FCD’s Karst Management Unit for more than 4 years.

During the month of September, a team of Forecastle Foundation members visited the Chiquibul, led by Jerry Scrogham. Their visit was aimed at seeing first-hand the work of the Karst Management Unit and to understand the importance of the Chiquibul as a key biodiversity area. They were thrilled at the wildlife they encountered including tapirs, crocodiles, macaws, howler monkeys and oscillated turkeys. Their stay at Las Cuevas Research Station was educational, where several presentations were made explaining the challenges and opportunities in the Chiquibul for education, research and recreation. In addition, they visited a small cave to understand the richness of the cultural resources.

Karst team members showed the highlights of the cultural inventory that has been ongoing for several years and which is being consolidated into a technical report by FCD’s newest staff member, the Cultural Heritage Coordinator.


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