Like most events in 2020, FCD’s Annual General Meeting was held virtual. It was a unique experience, but one that was successfully attended by over 80 FCD members and friends.

The 21st AGM was conducted by Mr. Aurelio Sho and virtually hosted by Millennium Studios. Mrs. Susana Vanzie gave the welcome address followed by FCD’s President, Mick Fleming with his opening remarks. Reports were given by the Executive Director and the Finance Manager. Mrs. Cynthia Perera, who gave the keynote address expressed the US Department of the Interiors’ support and their confidence on the work of the FCD. She also described the many faucets of their work and how the work of FCD complements their objectives. Awards were then presented to the Best Field Staff, Park Ranger Elroy Reyes Jr. and Data Technician,Wilmer Guerra for their overall performance. Also, BDF Officer, Lt. C Williams was awarded for his leadership and discipline in commanding patrols at Conservation Posts.

The event also had the nomination of Dr. Elma Kay as FCD’s Vice President. Dr. Kay is a Belizean scientist and a co–founder of the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute. She is the current Administrative and Science Director (Terrestrial) for the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Belize. The 21st AGM was sponsored by the US Department of the Interior – International Technical Assistance Program.


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