FCD Brings in 20 Years

2019 marks 20 years of FCD’s existence and 30 years since we started the conservation movement under the name Youth Environmental Action Group (YEAG). One value that became engrained on youth members was the love for the land. So that by 1999, as we metamorphosed into the FCD, the organization felt very strong in the proper management of Belize’s natural resources, yet it was clear that development must occur – but it promoted the wise use of the natural and cultural resources. The organization secured staff until 2006, thus from 1989 to 2006, the organization relied solely on volunteer work. Planting trees, conducting clean-up campaigns and community outreach consumed most of the time and the magic for keeping the group alive were the constant outdoor expeditions.

The spirit of the outdoors is the center of the work we still do at FCD. All field personnel must enjoy the outdoors and be fit and healthy to do the rigorous outdoor tasks. All park rangers spend two weeks at a time away from home in the jungles of the Chiquibul Forest and brave the wilderness. The sense for the love of the land is felt among all staff who recognize that FCD does not possess the land we work on but instead we provide a service to Belize. Today, FCD has a conservation influence in over 495,000 acres of forest cover.

The YEAG was started by a group of young boys and girls in the community of San Jose Succotz. The office it occupied then, still remains the same now although the passing of time has taken its toll on members and infrastructure. This 20th year marks an accumulation of lessons learnt and successes and we hope that this foundation will serve as the fortitude in meeting our strategic aims ahead. We also hope to seek the funds to construct our FCD headquarters that will take us into a different era and level of growth.


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