Toyota Chiquibul Challenge

According to Mr. Pie Marin of Belize Diesel and Equipment Co. Ltd. (BDE), the last time the Toyota Company ran a challenge in the Chiquibul was some ten years ago. This time around they wanted not only to take a fun ride in the forest, but more importantly to learn of the challenges faced in the Chiquibul and how best the private sector could participate in the protection of this forest. To do this, on the 20th and 21st of May a dozen Toyota vehicles made their way to Chiquibul, accompanied by FCD staff who guided and interpreted the natural wonders of this forest.

Guests had been treated to an introductory presentation the week before and now they were able to see for themselves the magic of the Chiquibul Forest. The route took them to see the home of the park rangers at Tapir Camp, the Caracol monuments, Mountain Cow abandoned railway, Las Cuevas Research Station and the Natural Arch.

At Las Cuevas under a starry night, we chatted about the future of the Chiquibul and agreed that the Toyota Challenge will be an annual event with the aim of getting more people to learn and appreciate the Chiquibul jungles. FCD thanks BDE for organizing this event. Likewise, we are grateful to PACT and all those that participated and who contributed their funds to the Chiquibul cause.


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