Internationalizing Chiquibul

Clearly to obtain support for the conservation of the Chiquibul Forest, people must know of the actual situation. With this in mind, FCD’s executive director joined Minister Lisel Alamilla and Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, Alfredo Martinez, on a four day trip to London and Belgium during the month of October, 2013. The meetings held with members of the European Commission, Food and Agriculture Organization, IUCN, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, House of Commons, and the UK/Belize Association helped galavanize interest and support for the protection of Belize’s natural resources. The presentations were centered on describing, “The Environmental Approach to the Belize-Guatemala Dispute.”

Mr. Oudora Souvannavong, Forester Principal of FAO noted, “The important needs that were identified would justify a broad, comprehensive project, addressing issues with an integrated and cross-border approach. The very good experience obtained with the support of ACP-FLEGT/EU-FAO FLEGT Programme would be valuable in developing such a proposal. FAO would be willing to continue to support Belize in this regard, should its assistance be requested. Congratulations again for the achievements in Chiquibul

Forest. I hope that you will be successful in gathering the support needed to sustainably fulfill objectives in the long term.”

Indeed, our aim is to fulfill objectives in the long term. After the visit FCD efforts have been ongoing in exploring further collaborations and support with the European Commission, FAO and IUCN.


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