FCD and NBio celebrate World Rivers Day.


🌿In commemoration of World Rivers Day celebrated this 24th of September, FCD and the National Biodiversity Office conducted a session with leaders from Esperanza and More Tomorrow to inform them of the UNDP GEF Project titled, “Integrated Management of Production Landscape to deliver Multiple Global Environmental Benefits”. This project is aimed at improving the management and conservation of the Belize River through reforestation and integrated watershed systems. The project encompasses 13 communities located in the Cayo and Belize Districts. FCD has been working with 19 communities from both Belize and Guatemala at the upper Mopan River since 2011 for the protection of the Chiquibul and Mopan Rivers. The UNDP GEF Project led by the Ministry of Sustainable Development seeks to expand the coverage for public participation in river conservation and sustainable land management. 🍃