With this new year came the new headquarters for FCD. It had been a long-standing dream for all of the staff that operated inside a fallen apart building. Two years earlier the stage was set for seeking the funds and making the construction possible. The elevated building constructed by Premier Homes located on the Spanish Lookout Road contains the colors of the FCD logo that symbolizes the blue water and green forests of the areas where the organization operates.

Several individuals became involved in the design of the building, including Abel Flores from ASCON and Brendan Donaghue. The plans were laid together by Consultancy Designs and Construction while Juan Polanco became the consulting architect. With full approval from the Central Building Authority, the construction phase was finished by the end of the year.

The launching which took place on the 14th of January, was marked with a ceremony attended by guests, staff and Board members. FCD thanks all those that made this dream come true and in particular the funders including The Nature Trust of the Americas, The European Nature Trust, Lucky Dragon Company Limited, Belize Electric Company Limited and the Government of Belize. Much gratitude as well to Belize Roadway Construction and the Inter-American Development Bank for making the building operational.


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