A joint historic visit with security units was conducted on the Vaca Forest Reserve during the month of August. This was a unique experience given that it never had been realized before. This activity had been desirable, due to the fact that the reserve is the gateway of various illicit activities, from both internal and external factors.

The reserve is managed by the Belize Forest Department. FCD has a presence in the area through a three-person team under a Letter of Understanding aimed at building the capacities of the Friends of the Vaca Forest Reserve, and help reduce the forest and land degradation through the promotion of alternate best practices among farmers.

Those attending included representatives from the Forest Department, Police Department, Belize Defence Force and FCD personnel. The purpose was to sensitize them regarding the issues occurring in the area and to get firsthand accounts from farmers about incursions. In addition, the trip served to demonstrate to farmers that there are other players behind the management of this protected area. These visits will be done on a quarterly basis.


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