Xaté Stocksin theChiquibul Forest

INTRODUCTION Chamaedorea is the largest palm genus in the Central American Region (Henderson et al. 1995) and according to the IUCN, an estimated 75% of the species are threatened. In Belize, there are 12 reported species of which three are the most favored in the floral industry being Chamaedorea elegans, C. ernesti augustii and C. […]

Illegal LoggingIn TheChiquibul Forest

INTRODUCTION Rosander (2008), states that illegal logging is linked to corruption and organized crime; it fuels poverty and restricts access to natural resources. In addition, it has economical, social and ecological impacts (Lawson & MacFaul 2010; Li et al. 2008; Rosander 2008; Sheikh 2008; World Bank 2008). The World Bank (2006) estimates that in developing […]